Growing in Holiness

A brief summary of Thomas Brooks’ The Crown and Glory of Christianity, on the chapter “Eight means, helps, and directions for progress in holiness“.  If ever we would attain to higher degrees of holiness, he encourages us to:

  1. Labour to be more and more sensible of your spiritual wants and deficiencies of grace and holiness.
  2. Set the Lord always before your eyes, set yourselves always as in his presence, under His all-seeing eye, Ps. 41:12; 1 Sam. 2:1,3.
  3. Be most in with them that are most eminent and excellent in holiness.  Let the delight and joy of your hearts run most out to them who are still adding to their stock of holiness.  The prayers, the conferences, the counsels and all the carriages of a man eminent in holiness, will mightily help on the work of holiness in their hearts, where the streams of holiness runs but low.
    • Thomas Watson said, “Association begets assimilation.”
  4. Let those be thy choicest companions who have made Christ their chief companion.
    • As young plants will not thrive under dropping trees, such as are weak in holiness will never thrive so long as they only associate themselves with those that are weak . . . Look not so much at their external garb as at their internal worth; and always make them your choicest and your chiefest companions, who do most excel in grace and holiness.  Their tongues, their lips, their lives, will still be a-dropping divine marrow and fatness, and therefore be sure to keep most in with them.
  5. Be much in the exercise and actings of that holiness you have . . . as the frequent actings of sin is the strengthening of sin, so the frequent actings of holiness is the strengthening of holiness.
    • Look, as the non-exercise of holiness brings upon the soul a decay of holiness, so the exercise breeds in the soul an increase of holiness.  Holiness is always made more and more perfect by acting.
    • Look, as the running water is the best and sweetest water, so the active Christian is the best and sweetest Christian.
    • That musical instrument always makes the sweetest melody that is most frequently used, and so doth that Christian that is most frequent in the exercise of grace and holiness.  (e.g. fire being preserved and maintained by blowing and stirring of it up, so holiness is preserved and maintained in the soul by being stirred and blown up in the soul.)
  6. Be much in secret prayer, be much in closet duties, Matt. 6:5,9.
  7. Fall with all your might upon subduing and crucifying your most raging corruptions, and your most daring lusts.
  8. Dwell much upon the holiness of God . . . always keep a fixed eye upon the infinite and most glorious holiness of God.
    • God is essentially holy, unmixedly (pure) holy, universally holy (in all his ways and works), eminently holy, and originally, radically, and fundamentally holy, independently holy, constantly holy, exemplarily holy.

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  1. Hi Vincent, I’m doing well. It’s nice to hear from you, and I appreciate your taking the time to leave above note. I hope things are well on your side as well!

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